Promotions / 02.07.2014



Ultimate Scope Offer now available

Starting April 1, you can take advantage of the new Ultimate Scope offer. For a limited time there are three new Application bundles:  DSOX2APPBNDL, DSOX3APPBNDL and DSOX4APPBNDL. These are new software products which will enable all listed (in promo-flyer) options on your X-series Scopes.



  2000 X-Series 3000 X-Series 4000 X-Series
Software included DSOX2AUTO Automotive trigger and analysis (CAN/LIN) DSOX3ADVMATH Advanced math measurement application DSOX4AERO A/D trigger and decode (MIL-STD 1553/ARINC 429)
  DSOX2COMP Computer trigger and analysis (RS232/UART) DSOX3AERO A/D trigger and decode (MIL-STD 1553/ARINC 429) DSOX4AUDIO Audio serial trigger and analysis (I²S)
  DSOX2EMBD Embedded trigger and analysis (I²C/SPI) DSOX3AUDIO Audio serial trigger and analysis (I²S) DSOX4AUTO Automotive trigger and analysis (CAN/LIN/CANdbc)
  DSOX2MASK Mask limit testing DSOX3AUTO Automotive trigger and analysis (CAN/LIN) DSOX4COMP Computer trigger and analysis (RS232/UART)
  DSOX2MEMUP Memory upgrade to 1 Mpts per channel DSOX3COMP Computer trigger and analysis (RS232/UART) DSOX4EMBD Embedded trigger and analysis (I²C/SPI)
  DSOX2SGM Segmented memory acquisition DSOX3EMBD Embedded trigger and analysis (I²C/SPI) DSOX4FLEX FlexRay trigger and analysis
  DSOX2WAVEGEN Integrated 20 MHz function generator DSOX3FLEX FlexRay trigger and analysis DSOX4FPGAX FPGA dynamic probe option for Xilinx
  DSOXDVM Integrated digital voltmeter DSOX3MASK Mask limit testing DSOX4MASK Mask limit testing
  DSOXEDK Educator’s training kit DSOX3MEMUP Memory upgrade to 4 Mpts DSOX4PWR Power measurements
    DSOX3PWR Power measurements DSOX4USBFL Low and full-speed USB 2.0 trigger and analysis
    DSOX3SGM Segmented memory acquisition DSOX4USBH Hi-speed USB 2.0 trigger and analysis
    DSOX3VID Video trigger and analysis DSOX4USBSQ USB 2.0 signal quality test
    DSOX3WAVEGEN Integrated 20 MHz function/arbitrary waveform generator DSOX4VID Video trigger and analysis
    DSOXDVM Integrated digital voltmeter DSOX4WAVEGEN2 Integrated 20 MHz dual-channel function/arbitrary waveform generator
    DSOXEDK Educator’s training kit DSOXDVM Integrated digital voltmeter
      DSOXEDK Educator’s training kit


June 2nd: get the 34461A plus GPIB interface and free BenchVUE connectivity software at the price of your 34401A DMM

Future proof your DMM technology with the new Agilent 34461A 6½-digit digital multimeter. Agilent’s Truevolt 34461A is the new replacement for 34401A digital multimeter, offering everything you’d expect from the widely popular 34401A. It is a 100% drop-in replacement for the 34401A with SCPI compatibility. Now with the price of 34401A, you can get a 34461A with GPIB option.


June 2nd: 5 year warranty promotion on U5855A and U1450/60A

Buy any NEW U5855A TrueIR Thermal Imager or NEW U1450/60A Insulation Resistance Tester and get a FREE warranty extension to 5 years! No promotion code needed. For more information, see the promotion fact sheet here: TrueIR, Insulation ResistanceTester
  • If you purchase any of these NEW handheld models from June 2 – Nov 30, 2014: U5855A, U1451A, U1452A, U1452AT, U1453A, U1461A

  • You can register your new product on our website

  • You can enter instrument model number and serial number and answers a few simple questions.

  • Your instrument warranty will be updated to 5 years within 1 month.