N5193A UXG X-Serisi Agile Signal Generator, up to 40 GHz

ÜrünlerN5193A UXG X-Serisi Agile Signal Generator, up to 40 GHz


Signal characteristics

  • 10 MHz to 20 or 40 GHz
  • +10 dBm output power standard; optional attenuator with 80 dB agile range and 120 dB overall amplitude range
  • 100 µs switching speed standard; optional 250 ns
  • ≤-126 dBc/Hz typical phase noise at 20 kHz offset at 10 GHz carrier

Modulation and list capabilities

  • AM, FM, ΦM, pulse modulation, and wideband chirps
  • 1 ns pulse rise/fall time and 5 ns pulse widths
  • List mode and agile controller mode standard

Automation and communcation interface

  • 1000BaseT LAN, USB 2.0, and GPIB
  • LXI compliant
  • SCPI and IVI-COM drivers
  • Code-compatibility with Aeroflex fast switching signal generators



Get closer to reality with the Keysight UXG agile signal generator

Better testing done sooner equals deeper confidence in EW system performance. The Keysight UXG agile signal generator lets you create complex scenarios when you need them. Off the shelf, the UXG is a powerful building block, whether you want a dependable LO or a scalable threat simulator. By blurring the lines between analog and vector technologies, the UXG lowers the barriers between new intelligence and up-to-date signal scenarios. Generate increasingly complex simulations with the UXG and get closer to reality.

·         Cover a wide range of radar, EW, and antenna-test requirements up to 40 GHz

·         Accurately simulate complex signal scenarios with fast switching, phase coherency, and extensive pulse-modulation capabilities

·         Update frequency, amplitude, and phase in as little as 250 ns

        - Generate wide chirps that are 10 to 25 percent of carrier frequency

        - Create pulses as narrow as 5 ns with 1 ns rise/fall times and 80 dB on/off ratio

        - Use pulse descriptor words (PDWs) to generate long pulse trains and individually control pulse characteristics

·         Scale UXG performance, whether you need an agile LO or a complex threat simulator

·         Use the 3U-high UXG as a slide-in replacement for legacy fast-switching sources

·         Ensure high signal integrity for your most demanding requirements with excellent phase noise performance of -126 dBc/Hz at 20 kHz offset on a 10 GHz carrier