Fiziksel Katman Test Sistemi 2013 Yazılımı

ÜrünlerYAZILIMFiziksel Katman Test Sistemi 2013 Yazılımı

  • Test suites for HDMI, SATA, USB3.0, DisplayPort, etc.
  • Multi-channel enhanced eye diagram for analyzing eye density using color grade display
  • Advanced receiver equalizations using CTLE, FFE, DFE to improve channel performance
  • Asymmetric Automatic Fixture Removal (AFR) for non-50 ohm fixtures
  • TRL Wizard enhancement to verify cal kit symmetry utilizing reverse measurements
  • More accurate skew measurements for higher data rates
  • ENA calibration & measurement wizard enhancements for economical solutions
  • GUI enhancements including new marker math, user span, plot panning, smart spin scaling, equation editor and gating viewer

Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) 2013 software is a powerful signal integrity tool for today’s high-speed digital designers. There are so many signal integrity tools for design, analysis and troubleshooting of high-speed interconnect that it’s difficult to manage them all. The Keysight PLTS design team has created version 2013 to integrate new tools for a substantial boost in productivity and help solve real world problems for today’s signal integrity engineers.

The PLTS software platform has become an industry standard for calibration, measurement and analysis of linear passive interconnects such as cables, connectors, backplanes and printed circuit boards. Utilizing a vector network analyzer (VNA) or time domain reflectometer (TDR), fast and accurate measurements can be obtained without in-depth knowledge of microwave measurement techniques. PLTS 2013 supports all the latest PNA/PNA-L/PNA-X hardware including the N5222A, N5224A, N5225A, N5227A, N5232A, N5235A, N5244A, N5245A, and N5247A.