Etkileşimli Fonksiyonel Test (IFT) Yazılımı

ÜrünlerYAZILIMEtkileşimli Fonksiyonel Test (IFT) Yazılımı


Keysight’s Interactive Functional Test (IFT) software, designed to fully utilize the industry-leading signaling and data capabilities of Keysight’s 8960 (E5515C/E) and E6621A PXT wireless communications test sets, provides a solution for real-world functional test of mobile devices. Bring real-world test into the design cycle earlier by automating and simplifying design, verification, stress test, and realistic "user-experience" scenarios.

With IFT, complex issues, whether related to hardware, protocol, or software, can be found earlier. Finding such "user experience" issues before a device is released can significantly reduce overall development cost as well as the device's time-to-market by reducing expensive validation cycles.

Features include a system configuration wizard, easy and flexible set up of operations, ability to perform operations simultaneously (just as an end-user would), easy script development for test sequence repetition, and several analysis and troubleshooting tools such as battery current drain analysis, activity logging and protocol logging to easily find and resolve issues.