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The N7700A Photonic Application Suite Main Package
is distributed free and provides a powerful File Viewer program for analyzing measurement data. It has been designed for sharing measurement results throughout entire development teams or manufacturing groups. The library functions in this package also allow your programs to read and save data in the .omr file format for analysis with the File Viewer.

  • Display and overlay of traces from multiple channels and multiple measurement files
  • Scale switching between wavelength and frequency
  • Display of tabular analysis
  • Markers, zooming and analysis features of associated measurement engines
  • File loading, saving and data export
  • Direct launching of Excel and Matlab with data

The N7700A Photonic Application Suite is a collection of advanced and basic software tools for making optical measurements, controlling fiberoptic instruments, and analyzing measurement results.

  • N7700A Package Manager: select, install and maintain N7700A software packages
  • Main Package: analyze results in a powerful Viewer, save results in viewable format
  • IL Engine: measure IL vs. wavelength with a tunable laser and power meters
  • Fast Spectral Loss Engine: calibrate and adjust devices at repetition rates up to 10x faster than the IL engine
  • IL&PDL Engine: measure IL and PDL vs. wavelength with the advanced single-sweep Mueller method
  • Polarization Navigator: use N778x polarization analysis and control instruments
  • Drivers, firmware, documents, N77xx Viewer: keep equipment and guides up to date