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GSM, GPRS, EGPRS & Evolved Edge Test

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GSM is a vast, rapidly expanding and successful technology. The initial data limitations were superseded by the release of GPRS in 2000. This packet-switched functionality allows mobile handset users to surf the web. GSM was the first digital cellular system. EGPRS,EDGE, and Evolved EDGE, collectively referred to as 2.5G wireless technologies provide upgrade paths for 2G (2nd generation) wireless technologies to achieve higher data rates. Evolved EDGE is the latest extension to the GSM mobile telephony standard. With a software upgrade and a new device for the user, data rates can be boosted to speeds approaching 1 Mbit/s. These technologies have been deployed around the world.

Although the technology is mature the demand for commercial products is still high. Thus developers, verification engineers and manufacturing managers for GSM, GPRS, EGPRS and EDGE cellular systems must deliver quality, cost effective products to the market quickly. As a world leader in test and measurement solutions, Keysight Technologies offers an extensive set of modeling, development and test tools that help ensure the quality of systems and components. Greater insight. Greater confidence. Accelerate next-generation wireless.