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The oscilloscope is the primary measurement tool used today to test and debug the physical layer of automotive serial buses, including CAN, LIN, FlexRay, BroadR-Reach, and MOST. Although protocol analyzers are also commonly used for testing and debugging at a higher-abstraction application level, the advantage of an oscilloscope is that it provides you with the ability to monitor the analog quality (signal integrity) of the physical layer of automotive serial buses. The electrical environment in automobiles is naturally harsh with lots of noise and often unexpected transients. The core competence of an oscilloscope is that it can capture and show you details of those infrequent automotive transients and noise that could be producing bus errors.

Agilent offers a broad range of automotive serial bus applications in both the InfiniiVision and Infiniium oscilloscope families, including protocol decode/trigger, eye-diagram mask testing, and physical layer compliance test packages. Also available in Agilent’s InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series and Infiniium oscilloscopes is CAN-dbc symbolic trigger and decoding.